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Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,

I don’t know how you stumbled upon this page and frankly speaking, it doesn’t matter how you got here because…

What matters is most is what can you do now to take advantage of my knowledge…

As you already know, the Internet is crawling with thousands of websites asking you to buy something.

It’s going on every day, every hour or every minute, somebody buys something online.

No, I’m not talking about the big boys like Amazon or eBay or any other big shot, I’m talking about small business owners like you and me who run a website which will help you make a few thousand dollars a day.

Making a few thousand dollar a day doesn’t just happen over night by accident, so I highly suggest you pay very close attention to every word on this page.

But Before We Do That, Give Me A Minute So That I Can Sort Out Those Interested From Those Un-Interested!

Please close this page if any of these applies to you…

bullet If you have a profitable Internet business that earns you $10,000 a month.
bullet You have already brought tons of products that you never use and you think that this website is just another scam.
bullet You think that it’s impossible to create a full time income and that nobody earns any money online.

If any of the above applies to you, this program probably won’t be for you. Please click off this page now.

Well… if you are still here…

It probably means that you are struggling in your online business… with everyone telling you how easy it is.

You have been mislead and lied to but despite all the garbage and bullshit… you didn’t give up on yourself or your business…

If you fit the above, then…


You Are Exactly The Kind Of Person I Want To Work With!

Hi, my name is Jaz Lai and all you need to know about me is that I’m called the Inbox Cash ‘Magician’!

I have been marketing on the Internet for more than 7 years and have generated an obscene amount of money on the Internet.

But please, do not take my word for it – I’ll let my credibility speak for itself.

You might have seen me on prominent publications or newspaper articles such as the following…

Jaz Lai's Magazine Interview

Jaz Lai's Newspaper Interview

How I make heaps of money using email marketing

Yes, being featured in publications is my way of telling you that I walk the walk instead of just talk.

Because I’m a hands-on, results oriented guy and I only believe in teaching the things that work unlike others who have superficial credibility because they can’t prove what I can.

And this is only part of it.

I have personally taught thousands of people the same strategies for success that I am about to show you.

Speaking in front of a thousand people!

It’s no wonder they call me ‘The Internet Rising Star’!

But Things Were Not Always This Good…

I wish I could say that every day of my ‘past’ life was this good, but it was not.

T. Harv Eker – a prominent personal development guru once said, “Every master was once a disaster” and that was true in my case – both for me online AND offline!

You see, I used to own a chain of retail outlets on the busiest streets in Singapore.

Business was good so I expanded aggressively.

Even though I was doing very well at that time, I was hit by an unexpected terror – the economic crisis that affected us greatly.

The Economic Crisis Almost KILLED ME!

All of a sudden, cash flow became extremely tight for me as my customers were fearful of their finances with so many uncertainties happening around the world.


I started to pile on my debts.

I guess it is true that no matter how many outlets you have, it matters none when no customers are coming to your store.

After I sold off my retail businesses, I started taking a crack at this online gold mine.

Armed with nothing but a laptop and manuals I bought from attending countless Internet marketing courses, I started my first website.

For a time, I was really joyful because I’ve set up my store once again!

First Website

I sat in front of my computer waiting patiently for my first sale.

The days turned into weeks and I started to have this sinking feeling in my gut.

“This can’t be it! The Internet gurus said that the money was supposed to come in once I started my first website!”

I thought about it again and again then I told myself, there must be a mistake so I started creating more and more websites.

By the time I had my 10th website, things were not going exactly as planned once again and so I reached an epiphany…

The lesson I learned when it came to my retail outlets were the same as my 10 websites:

Without Traffic, Even If You Have A Beautiful Website… You Will NEVER Make ANY Sales!

Make no mistake about it, my friend…

Websites do not generate income on its own. I don’t mean to insult your intelligence but the sooner you wake up realize that a website without traffic is a liability, the sooner you start taking the right action!

Aren’t you frustrated with paying your web designer thousands of dollars and having no sales but only a fancy design?

Or are you still hoping that one day you will refresh your inbox (for the 20th time in a single day) hoping to see your first sales notification…

And the worst thing is, a website that doesn’t generate income is a waste of money as far as hosting and domain name renewal fees are concerned.

Multiply that by 10 or 20 websites that are not generating money, this kind of wishful thinking will diminish your hope and have your negative friends and relatives ask you the dreaded question…

“Are your websites making any money yet?”

There’s only so many times you can say the word ‘soon’ and it’s going to end with embarrassment and ridicule.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

It has happened to me so many times, I still shiver when I think about those difficult times as though it was yesterday.

I was stark raving mad at that point in time.

Frustrated with my failures and the ‘system’ I was sold, I embarked on a solo journey to uncover the missing piece of the Internet marketing puzzle.

The name of the game is traffic.

Web traffic is the life blood of any Internet business. Simply put…

Traffic = Money

Having eyeballs on your website is the name of the game.

“But what kind of traffic?” You ask?

Sure you might have heard about all the tedious traffic generating systems out there… believe me, I have tried them all.

First of all, let me tell you what this is NOT!

Outdated Traffic

So why have I been working so hard to tell you what it is not?


I can easily say that I’ve been there and done that but more importantly, the rules for these traffic methods above are either:


x-wrong Too tedious to implement
x-wrong Too expensive to implement
x-wrong Too long to see results

Their rules change so many times it’s like playing cat and mouse!

All the old school stuff are precisely that – OLD!

Repeat after me – their frikkin’ rules change so many times that the very people selling that junk to you do not even know if it’s still working for them (if they are even using them for that matter!)

But before I move further, let me show you what’s possible with the Traffic Explosion methods right here, right now…

Merchant Account Proof

(A Quarter Million Dollars In One Of My Merchant Account)

Paypal Proof

Sales Notification

The hard truth is...

Buying info courses, ebooks and tutorials are fine… but they will take weeks, months or even years to understand and implement.

It’s already hard trying to understand what are they talking about… let alone applying the strategies.

What we need are the shortcuts and the EXACT steps that will make us money.

Not power point slides that only teaches us the concept.

And right now, there is only one place where you can learn to get targeted traffic – WITH STEP BY STEP VIDEO TUTORIALS.

Introducing… Inbox Cash Club – TRAFFIC EXPLOSION!
Traffic Explosion

Before I go any further, this traffic system that I have for you is:

check 100% LEGAL
check Totally Ethical (as far as businesses go!)
check Does NOT involve bombarding your customers

Simply put, “Traffic Explosion” has created the easiest, most effective way to drive high volume targeted traffic to any website using our simple “Follow, Click and Profit” methods.

Thanks to “Traffic Explosion” … you now can increase your traffic, sales and grow your business within the next few hours… if not days.

This traffic system you are going to receive are use by leading experts in multiple fields across the Internet.

These are NO fly-by-night methods that will work today and gone tomorrow.

Extensively Tested

$38,729.00 Worth Of Traffic Testing Is Yours!

I have spent close to $40k over the last few years testing out each traffic methods and to perfect the traffic execution to make sure it works in any niche.

They have been extensively tested and have been proven effective in driving hundreds and thousands of visitors to any website almost instantly.

You can send traffic directly to any website or you can build a huge subscribers list with it.

81,236 SSubscribers in one of my autoresponders

But don't worry …

I'm not going to dump a dozen traffic generation techniques on you all at one time.

No matter how simple they are, you can still get caught in "information overload" if you try to implement them all at once.

The most effective way for you to benefit from the traffic generation techniques in Traffic Explosion is to give you one new technique every month.

This way you can create a virtually endless supply of high volume, steady, and predictable targeted traffic.

With "Traffic Explosion” you can literally create multiple streams of traffic to any website with the least amount of effort.

Avoid All The Hype And Focus On RESULTS!

We prefer that you avoid all the hype; and quick fixes.

Stay focus on core skills.

Ultimately the tricks of the trade will only take you so far.

The reality is, to become a top traffic master, you must learn the trade.

And we are going to show you how by giving you our ingenious traffic system that can bring in profits for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Just Five Minutes A Day To Drive 1000s Of Visitors To Your Website Daily!

Here’s what’s great about Traffic Explosion.

Every month, you will receive a brand new VIDEO WALKTHROUGHS that will walk you through the steps in getting hundreds of visitors to your website.

I may be a bit blunt here but these walkthroughs are so straightforward that any IT idiot can follow and still make money from it!

That is why I’ve recorded everything I knew!

Each lesson is fluff-free and straight to the point.

Everything that I know that works or doesn’t work, it’s all on the video.

And all lessons are 100% practical – Meaning…


Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll discover in this program

Arrow Right A simple method that brought me 256 customers in THREE days
Arrow Right My favorite resource that will get you visitors for only $0.15 per click.
Arrow Right How one of my clients (by the name of Floyd) managed to make a cool sum of US$537.50 and an extra 233 opt-ins using just ONE of my traffic formulas!
Arrow Right How you can tap into DIRT CHEAP traffic sources and start getting 10 to 100 times the investment unlike exorbitant PPC costs
Arrow Right One other ‘magic’ tactic that brings in 942 new clicks to my website every time I employ it (Totally FREE)
Arrow Right How to automate virtually 90% of your traffic generation strategies and thus saving you dozens of hours in a single week!
Arrow Right How to get 300+ visitors to your website in the next 24 hours (Only 5 minutes require)
Arrow Right My all time “Viral” traffic that will get others to talk about you all the time
Arrow Right Why Free traffic is actually NOT Free (And it will cost you a lot)
Arrow Right How to find hot offers that pull buyers in like a high-powered magnet! If you promote the right stuff, people can't resist.
Arrow Right My top stealth tactics for generating a huge list of subscribers… you don’t even require a squeeze page
Arrow Right How to get paid automatically and have cash deposited straight into your bank account. It's like a reverse ATM machine!
Arrow Right The exact location to generate residual recurring income. You get to download all the resources.
Arrow Right And so much more…


(To cancel or refund, just go to this website and submit your ticket.
We will cancel your account within 24 hours)

This will get you on the fast track to success!

And it will definitely save you all the time and agony of trying something that wouldn’t work.

But Wait, That's Not All!

Act now, And I'll throw in an exclusive bonus...

Yours Absolutely FREE! The Charter Inbox Cash Club Passive Income Reseller Membership!
Yours Free!

I'll plunk you right into the driver's seat and put you in the business of flooding YOUR business with passive income - Absolutely FREE!

And you'll be able to start ramming boatloads of cash into your inbox without any list, product or website!

In just minutes from now, you'll be able to "turn on" your personal replica of this incredible profit pulling multimedia webpage you're reading now and generate a cool 50% commissions of EVERY sale you make!

That's up to $132 PER sale from promoting a $10 website!

Simply invest in the "Inbox Cash Club", and you'll get this amazing privilege FREE!

Everything has been done for you to start earning passive income every month!

You don't have to go through the trouble of designing a website, creating a product, getting web-hosting, hiring a copywriter, tearing your hair out to accept credit card payments.

No inventory to stock, nothing to publish! Things like this could easily add up to the thousands. You do nothing else but what you're supposed to do.

Finally A “RELIABLE Traffic Solution” For Consistent And Sustainable Profits!

Step 1 : Watch The Video
Follow The Exact Steps (IT Experience Not Needed)
Step 3 : Steady Sales & Profits!

Try this out risk free for full 60 days, if this is not for you we will return all your money...

We want to share this only with a highly limited group of people. Then, the doors will close forever!

Remember… You Have My 100% Result Guaranteed That If You Don’t Start Getting Traffic Instantly… You Pay Nothing!

Just imagine how will happy you will be when you start seeing traffic coming to your sites like this…

AwStats Daily

If You Want Access To A Rock Solid 6 Figures Income Worth Of Traffic, Then Click That Button Now For Instant Access!

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See you inside the members area.

Jaz Lai

P.S. Remember: This is the battle-hardened and wickedly effective traffic blueprint we developed from 8 years of creating successful online businesses where our money and reputations are on the line.

Simply put:

You Are Not Going to Find This Kind of Devastatingly Powerful Insider Knowledge Anywhere Else. Period!

If traffic is one of your biggest problem, Traffic Explosion will give you a solid foundation to build one on, and give you the tools and support to get your business up and running in the next few weeks!







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